5 signs you need SmartOps for Facility Management

5 Signs You Need SmartOps For Your Facility Management

We’ve found that some facility owners/managers in Nigeria don’t have detailed historical data on their properties?

There are so many instances where essential paper documents are lost to the pressures of daily business operations, and in most cases, they are irretrievable.

Also, we have seen cases of tenants’ dissatisfaction, but there is no means by which they convey such, resulting in poor administration.

Several issues indicating that Facility Management is done without the right technological tools can be a nightmare.

Managing facilities, infrastructure, or asset(s) shouldn’t be accompanied by unnecessary hassles, incompetence, dishonesty, and dissatisfactions.

Over the years, there have been several technological innovations in the facility management space, synergizing infrastructure and human-related work into a holistic system to help resolve some of these issues.

Even at that, we have as well witnessed several gaps.

5 signs you need SmartOps for your facility management:

Look out for these signs, as they show good reasons why you need to leverage the utmost assistance provided by this new technological tool.

1. Do You find it hard to account for your periodic expenses on a facility?

In the course of running your facilities, were there times you made decisions and ended up regretting them or made reoccurring mistakes?

From an objective standpoint, nothing compares to the disappointment that comes with not being able to render accurate accounts/report for projects done within certain periods.

As a matter of fact, it’s never leaving your mind that at some point you could have forgotten some important details or couldn’t place your fingers accurately on the details of your projects.

Well, that is significantly reduced with SmartOps, as it provides a platform for you to back up your decision-making process with data from previous projects and activities.

Thus preventing you from making avoidable mistakes or decisions based on speculations/rough estimates.

2. Do you have voluminous documents to carry all the time?

Having a hip stack of papers to keep data of your clients and projects is an obsolete way to operate, in this contemporary times, easy access to vital information cannot be overemphasized for prompt decision making.

With Facility management, timely delivery is paramount, you don’t have to stress every time you need to do a report as SmartOps incorporates all information in just one unified database which you can access very conveniently.

3. Do you struggle to evaluate and manage technicians?

Technicians are one of the pillars for a facility management business, how do you track accurately the performance, professionalism, and service delivery quality of your technicians when they engage with your clients?

With SmartOps, an in-depth report of workforce performance and evaluation of individual contribution is tracked and closely monitored, making your HR duties easy to carry out.

4. You have no means of evaluating the opinions of your clients.

No one wants to lease or rent a property where their opinions won’t be heard or considered. That alone amounts to poor management, which can affect a business in a negative way.

SmartOps is designed to carry out all your customer satisfaction survey duties. It would not only obtain your clients’ opinions but would also critically examine their importance and provide you with a report.

5. Do you use multiple tools to manage your facilities?

To manage the facilities of your clients you don’t have to make use of several tools or go through the hassle of using excel to make reports after generating data from the software.

With SmartOps all data collated are presented to you in a report format providing you with vital information, for both internal and external purposes.

Are You Ready To Get Real-time Data of Facility Management Operations at your Fingertips?

SmartOps does the work for you so you don’t get worn out in the process of improving operations, coordinating, and making informed decisions for your facility. Contact GreenKey FM.

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