Get Predictive IoT Data on your Facility with Smart Monitoring Solutions

Reduce downtime on your key assets
Make intelligent, data-driven decisions
Maximize your Net Operating Income (NOI)
Leverage IoT Technology for profitability

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Are you fed up with any of these challenges in your facility?

Increased Mean time to repair

Are you fed up with long Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) due to the lackadaisical attitude of maintenance teams and an inability to identify the right issues on time?

Unexpected Downtime

Are you fed up with the loss of your team’s productivity and discomfort for your tenants due to unexpected breakdown of key assets or equipment in your facility?

High Maintenance Costs

Are you fed up with the high costs of running your facility due to a lack of transparency on asset health and maintenance spending?

Reduce your Operations and Maintenance cost up to 30% with GreenKey's Smart Monitoring Solutions

GreenKey's Smart Monitoring Solutions leverages IoT technology and software to collect real-time data on your facility assets, thereby unlocking predictive maintenance and eliminating downtime on key assets. It offers facility owners and managers, like you, the ability to prioritize monitoring on a range of parameters in critical aspects of your facility, ensuring tenant peace of mind. Our clients are happy to report drastic service level improvements, data-driven decision making, improved labour management amongst other benefits.

Our Smart Monitoring Solutions...

Diesel Monitoring Sensors

Curtail mismanagement of critical resources

Water Monitoring Sensors

Predict water supply or pressure issues before your tenant

Ventilation &Air-Conditioning Sensors

Reduce energy wastage from uncontrolled usage of AC units

Fire Detection & Alarm Sensors

Shorten long response times in the event of fire incidents

Space Management Sensors

Monitor activities within your spaces

Energy Management Sensors

Control Energy costs and consumption using live data

Cold Chain Monitoring Sensors

Eliminate product loss due to cold chain performance issues

Security Management Sensors

Regulate activities of private security companies

How GreenKey Smart Monitoring Solution Can Help You


 360° visualization of data from all your sensors on a single interface.


Check the use of your devices and receive alerts when the threshold is exceeded.


You can export your data to create custom reports that fit your daily activities.

Now You Can Enjoy These Benefits

Reduce asset downtime
Provide real time data on major assets for preventive maintenance
Improve maintenance culture of a facility and increase assets life span
Foster lower energy consumption and cost reduction
Reduce operational and maintenance cost in the long run
Enable preventive/proactive maintenance culture
Improved understanding of how a facility is being used and interacted with by its occupiers
Gain insights and understanding of occupants usage of facilities in order to spot cost saving opportunities

Which industry needs this?

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