10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Smart Monitoring for Facilities

10 Reasons Why You Need Smart Monitoring for Facilities

Facility management can be an arduous task without proper measures for monitoring, evaluating and maintaining a facility. 

Imagine if you had to manage a real estate property manually, going around daily to check if the fire alarm system is functional or if the heating and cooling systems are working fine. Perhaps you have to check if the gas detection systems are up to speed. Just imagine how tasking will that be.

This is where smart monitoring for facilities comes in. Modern technology has devised a means to monitor and keep up to date with utilities and other critical resources in the facility. 

Smart monitoring will detect and report alarms in real-time from fire and fire fighting systems, lift and gas detection systems in residential, domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Smart monitoring does not only enable facility managers to monitor activities in a facility, it also enables facility managers to make data-driven decisions based on real-time reporting. 

You may be wondering if smart monitoring is worth it, here are 10 compelling reasons why you need smart monitoring for facilities:

Reason #1: To reduce high operation and maintenance costs

Every business wants to reduce running expenses as well as make more profits. When put in place, smart monitoring reduces the cost of high operation and maintenance. Imagine how much you will be saving every month. This is because it enables you to monitor all activities and detect critical areas that require improvements before it turns into a bigger problem. Smart monitoring keeps you up to speed with the condition of key assets and equipment in your facility.

Reason #2: To collect real-time data on facility assets

Smart monitoring leverages IoT technology and software to collect real-time data on your facility assets. Smart monitoring accesses a range of asset or environmental variables important to your primary activities, recording real-time data and generating alert signals the moment issues occur. This unlocks predictive maintenance and allows facility managers the ability to prioritize monitoring on a range of parameters in critical aspects of your facility.

Reason #3: To make intelligent, data-driven decisions 

With the right data, facility managers can make the right decisions rather than rely on unclear reports by the maintenance teams. Like earlier stated above, every business wants to save costs and making data-driven decisions is an intelligent way of saving cost.

Reason #4: To monitor activities within the facility

You can monitor alarms and notifications with smart monitoring, by receiving detailed alarm descriptions and correction instructions as well as sending them to repair technicians for actions to be taken. Smart monitoring alerts are actionable and precise, they ensure that repair technicians and operators know what to do precisely, to protect your assets all the time. It also helps with remote operation of your site devices and eliminates the need for site visits. This eventually increases your assets up-time.

Reason #5: Enable preventive/proactive maintenance culture

Smart monitoring helps you identify issues on time, thereby enabling you to put preventive measures in place. Predictive maintenance lets you identify issues before they become more significant problems. Smart monitoring of critical assets and environments enables an effective response to crisis, and a seamless move from reactive to condition-based maintenance.

Reason #6: To reduce energy wastage

With the high cost of energy in Nigeria, it’s key to harness smart monitoring to further cut down on expenses. Proper smart monitoring ensures the prevention of energy wastage. It helps identify the key areas where energy is being consumed, how it is being consumed and assist you to make decisions to reduce power consumption and costs. Smart monitoring ensures low power and long life of key assets.

Reason #7: To monitor and coordinate management process, all in one place

For facility managers, keeping the residents, inhabitants and tenants satisfied key. To make this happen, they engage the services of subcontractors, for example, private security companies. There will be a need to communicate from time to time and this may become challenging over time. Smart monitoring serves as a single medium of communication between both parties. It enables facility managers to send messages and reports, all in one view. Furthermore, facility managers, tenants, and building owners can discuss how better operating practices can be adopted and still operate facilities efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

Reason #8: Curtail mismanagement of critical resources

Smart monitoring helps to curtail mismanagement of critical resources like fuel, water supply, ventilation and heating systems. With a smart facility monitoring solution, you can achieve this, and many other features like problem detection, automated reporting, remote operation, and predictive maintenance.

Reason #9: Improved labor management 

Through better predictability, facilities managers can reduce overall cost, downtime and energy consumption. This fosters improved management of technicians, subcontractors, operators, and tenants.

Reason #10: Reduce downtime on your key assets

Through the use of smart sensors, facility managers are able to monitor a range of asset or environmental variables important to their primary activities, recording real-time data and generating alerts the moment issues occur. This reduces downtime on key assets because alerts are generated before it escalates into a more serious incident.

How GreenKey Smart Monitoring Solution Can Help You

Monitor: 360-degree visualization of data from all your sensors on a single interface.

Alert: Check the use of your devices and receive alerts when the threshold is exceeded.

Reporting: You can export your data to create custom reports that fit your daily activities. 

Using GreenKey Smart monitoring solution:

– Provide real-time data on major assets for preventive maintenance

– Improve maintenance culture of a facility and increase assets life span

-Foster lower energy consumption and cost reduction

-Improved understanding of how a facility is being used and interacted with by its occupiers

-Gain insights and understanding of occupants’ usage of facilities in order to spot cost saving opportunities. 


Greenkey Smart Monitoring Solution can be applied to real estate (high-rise residential and commercial), hospitality (restaurant chains and hotels), telecom towers, healthcare, shopping malls and banking. 

Ready to invest in smart monitoring solutions? 

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