4 Ways to Reduce Electricity Bills in Nigeria

Building Energy Audit: 4 Ways to Reduce Electricity Bills in Nigeria

Nigeria has witnessed a lot of unpredictability surrounding power consumption and electricity billing.

More specifically, the recent increase in electricity tariffs has raised concerns for many Nigerians.

The hike is coming at a time where Nigeria is battling with all-round dwindling fortunes occasioned by the ravaging corona virus pandemic.

In light of this, we shall shed ample light on ways you can efficiently cut down on your home electricity bills.

Tips On How to Reduce Your Electricity or Power Cost
Appliances: Studies have shown that some appliances consume more power than others, hence increasing electricity bills significantly.

Air Conditioners are the major consumer of power in most Nigerian homes especially in the urban part of Nigeria.

Apart from ACs, most properties have oversized generators which is the main contributor to high energy costs that make residents uncomfortable with the monthly bills.

In 2017, the Standards Organization of Nigeria in conjunction with the Nigerian Energy Support Program launched the Energy Guide Label, in line with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards.

Energy Guide Label of Nigerian offers guidance to consumers when purchasing certain products like air conditioners, refrigerators, pressing irons, microwaves, among others.

As a guide on every purchase of new home appliances, we advise you look out for the Energy Guide Label which is as follows: 1-2 indicates negative, while 3 equals average, and 4-5 is great.

When buying new appliances, it is advised to have opted for the ones that will greatly conserve energy.

Lighting: Choose LED lightbulbs or Compact Fluorescents (CFs) over those shiny yellow bulbs or incandescent lightbulbs.

Avoid using appliances you don’t need: most people don’t understand yet, but they probably spend more money on electricity than they consume without knowing. For example, having an active air conditioner in a vacant room, having TV sets on while they sleeping, these makes it very easy to have your electricity bills spike up.

Also for your appliances, it is advised to switch off from the power source rather than through the remote control.

This is because some appliances still consume little power when on sleep mode, which all pile up in the long run.

Input from power management experts: it is advised to have an energy expert review your power consumption from time to time.

A power management company will provide a detailed analysis of your energy consumption by doing an energy audit or load study.

Form this appliance that consumes more energy will be detected and recommendations for long term cost-saving practice are given.

This would then arm you with the tool to make the best decision for your facility.

In this regard, you can contact Greenkey Facility Management  for your power monitoring and building energy audit services: click here to get in touch.

Electricity is pretty much an essential need in any society, especially one like Nigeria.

However, it can be devastating to have high electricity bills levee every month.

The great news is, there is a solution to achieving power-efficiency in your facility, and reducing the bills favourably by seeking the help of a power management companies.

In the long run, a lower power cost makes room for you to channel funds into a more productive project.

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