One Fee. Pre-paid. Power Made Simple

Eliminate energy wastage in your facility through an energy audit
Reduce costs by optimizing the energy generation in your facility
Aggregate your energy sources to one fee. Pre-paid. Simple.
Monitor usage for other cost saving opportunities


"Nigeria spends $9 billion dollars (more than 3 Trillion Naira) a year on inefficient alternative power generation using fuel to power homes and businesses."

Do you struggle with these energy management challenges?

High Operational Cost

Across our facilities, we observed that power costs are 45-65% of the entire costs of running a facility.

Inefficient Power Supply

Unpredictable power outage is pretty much the norm in Nigeria. According to Bloomberg NEF 2019, research shows that power outage in Nigeria occurs between 4-15 hours daily.

High Cost of Diesel

Statistic from Bloomberg new energy finance – shows that alternative electricity source powered by diesel is 191.1% higher than the electricity tariffs.

Introducing GreenKey Power as a Service


We take a proactive and scientific approach in helping you save anywhere between 5-30% on your energy expenditure and in some cases even more.

As an energy management company in Nigeria, we provide comprehensive energy solutions including: solar/inverter, energy audit, energy management systems, software and products to implement cost saving changes in the way you consume energy.

With zero CAPEX, by paying a fixed monthly fee, GreenKey Power As A Service solution leverages technology to provide you with sufficient power supply on a daily basis.

Here’s how it works


We conduct an energy audit on your facility to identify sources of energy waste in your facility.


We will evaluate the data from your audit to propose effective cost saving recommendations for your facility.


We aggregate your energy load and energy generation to minimise your energy costs.


We control and monitor energy usage in your facility; generating auditable accounts of your energy consumption.

You're in good hands


Maintenance requests completed


Assets Registered


Sqm of facilities managed

Ready to reduce your energy costs today?

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