Don't Make These Mistakes with Your Facility [Case study Tower Heist (the movie)

Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Facility [Case study Tower Heist – The Movie]

Tower heist is a movie that was centered around facility managers and their plan to rob a particular tenant in the building.

You may have seen the movie or not (perhaps you can check it out later to get a better context).

The tower was one of the most expensive residential towers, having more than 13 floors and a lot of tenants.

The building owner hired in house facility managers including a receptionist, the cobbler, the kitchen staff, the doorman, and other necessary staff.

The owner entrusted the manager to oversee everything in the building, including the staff. Some of the residents have lived there their whole life, therefore they have established a routine.
The facility managers and technicians were trusted to uphold tenant satisfaction above all.

Let me quickly summarize the movie, so that I can point out the mistakes the building owner made with his facility.

First Mistake

There was a tenant who was a stock broker, he was very rich and lived in the pent house with his own pool and everything; he even had a Ferrari in the middle of his living room!.

Now, this stockbroker ran into bad luck because of a market crash which made him loose his money. At the same time, the manager approached him and requested that he use the staff’s pension and help them triple their portfolio. This tenant happily took the money and was living off their pension, unknown to the manager.

In order to escape, the rich tenant planned a fake kidnap, the police busted him and that was when the truth got out.

The manager and the staff were devastated. Most were angry with the manager because they never asked him to “triple their portfolio”, although he thought he did that in their best interest.

The owner of the building did not know about this.
Now, this is the first mistake he made with his facility. He entrusted the employee’s funds to the manager. This mistake would have been avoided if he had maybe outsourced this part of the contract.
Second Mistake
The manager has been working in the building for years, therefore he has access to all areas, the building plan, pass codes, tenants’ routines and habits. He knows when the elevator will be due for maintenance, the time a tenant would be drinking tea, the favorite food of another tenant…Let’s just say he knew every detail to a T.
After the shocking news from the police, the manager got to know that the tenant had a stash of money in his apartment. This is where the heist comes in.
He then gathered some of the staff, with different abilities so that they can work together as a team, to infiltrate the tenant’s apartment while he went to court.
The team he gathered knew everything about the building and extra.
This is the second mistake the building owner made; he entrusted his facility to different individuals who can easily be compromised, given the right incentive. Perhaps this could have been avoided if he had outsourced his facility to a standard company that utilizes smartOps.

Each of these people were assigned to various tasks, in order to make the heist work. They selected a date.
However, the manager was fired by the building owner because he acted unruly towards the tenant and he bashed the Ferrari in his living room. The building owner appointed a new person and instructed him not to allow the old manager step foot in the building.
Meanwhile the new manager was in the heist team.
After his appointment, he told the team that he cannot proceed to rob the tower again. Also, he asked them to stop the plan. He said he would expose them if they ever appeared in the tower.
However, the plan went on.
The heist team comprised of a professional thief (hired by the manager), a stock broker who knew the value of artifacts (an old tenant), a lock picker (also, the cook), an engineer (the elevator guy) and the master planner (the manager).
Third Mistake
The building owner entrusted individuals who can easily be compromised with his facility.
The heist was perfectly timed to a period of celebration, when everyone will be distracted including the security.
The team got to work and their plan was finally working. They made their way to the pent house, only to be betrayed by the professional thief who wanted everything for himself.
They found the vault, opened it, Alas! there was nothing inside. The vault was empty!
By the way, did I mention that the security of the building was also compromised? the head of security was deceived, the CCTVs were covered as well.
OOps!, another mistake; entrusting security and monitoring to one person, instead of using smart monitoring services.
Back to our story.
The heist team later found out that the Ferrari was made of gold. That was way better than the money they came for. They devised a means to get the car out of the building, from the pent house to the last floor.
Meanwhile. the police realized that something was fishy and took the tenant from the courtroom, back to the building.
This took some time thought.
You may have been wondering where the building owner was when all these was happening.
Yes, you guessed right!
He was locked up in a room. Another mistake. The presence of smart monitoring could have availed him to monitor every aspect of his building, all in one place, on his device.
With a smart security system in place, he could have shut down the building before the police arrived, he might also have detected when the elevator was disconnected, an alarm system would have been triggered when all these activities were going on…I mean, the list of possibility is endless!.
Or, he may not have to do anything at all, if only he outsourced his facility management to professionals.
The End.
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