We take the headache off your facility management so you can:

Focus on your core business areas
Save time and cost of hiring additional staff
Eliminate contract risk liability

Is It Time To Outsource your Facility Management Services To GreenKey?

Does facility management issues distract you from your core business areas?
You totally don’t understand everything that makes up your operating costs?
Not able to hire and retain suitably qualified staff to maintain a modern building, school or stadium?
Don’t have access to specialists with the correct knowledge?
Your current staff lacks the required service culture to perform in current operating environments?
Subcontracts – what existing service agreements do you have?
Current outsourcing model arrangements doesn’t suit your type of operation?
No action plan for maintenance, risk control and asset tracking?

Your facilities change for the better when you outsource its management to GreenKey.

Before GreenKey

You’re wondering how you’ll effortlessly maintain your facility’s assets. Non-adherence to HSE Standards, unqualified facility staff, work environment feels scattered, and it’s hard to see + manage everything.

After GreenKey

Soon you’ll be feeling like ”hey, we got this situation under control”. Your assets will be well maintained, your tenants and staff will live and resume work in a cleaner environment, you’ll focus on your core area, and a sense of calm will set in.

Trusted By Nigeria’s Leading Organisations

Facility Management Services in Lagos Tailored For You


We deploy professional cleaning team to your Office Blocks, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Truck Fleets, Healthcare Facilities, Manufacturing & Warehousing Facilities.


Enjoy 24/7 maximum security of your facility while we provide physical security guards, access to control systems & CCTV cameras for surveillance.


We eliminate rodents, reptiles, insects & flies in your vicinity for good & reduce mosquito bites by 85% with A-Z fumigation and disinfecting services.


We give your gardens and premises an elevated look and feel by providing you with the very best in gardening.


Tired of paying ridiculous diesel bills? Our Power as a Service with monthly subscription, guarantees cost reduction and optimized energy generation.


Enjoy quick response to your repairs’ request, long-term protection of your asset, 24/7 request handling, and more.


We take a proactive approach to minimising breakdowns of your key assets with our preventive inspections, saving you 30% lost to reactive maintenance.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? We offer waste collection and recycle waste through our partners into raw materials or finished products.

You’re in good hands


Maintenance requests completed


Assets Registered


Sqm of facilities managed

Ready to outsource your facility management today?

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