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5 Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your Facility Management

Cost remains one of the main concerns for business owners and managers when it comes to outsourcing their facility management.

However, running a business and a facility at the same time can be very challenging as it draws the attention and focus of business owners/managers from their core areas.

Comparing the cost of outsourcing to a facility management company, some business owners prefer to manage their facilities in-house, but the question is, how much are they actually saving?

Over the years, we see more and more organizations outsource their facility management as a strategy to increase profitability.

We understand that there is a lot of confusion and concern regarding the cost of hiring a facility management company.

Nevertheless, when done right, facility management is a service that can save your company millions in the long run.

This is proven to be true as organizations increasingly take advantage of outsourcing their facility management to access new and competent technical skills, re-focus on their core business, and save cost lost to repetitive maintenance issues due to the unprofessional maintenance culture practised.

Here are the 5 signs it’s time to outsource your facility management:

You find it extremely stressful shuffling between your primary business and your facility management:

1. Have you had the time to calculate the cost and stress it requires to juggle between your core business and managing your facility yourself?

You need to channel your energy into your core business while an efficient facility management company supports your business, using smart tools such as SmartOps in handling all your facility management requests, which will significantly reduce stress and increase productivity with your organization.

2. You struggle with incompetent and fraudulent technicians:

Being charged twice for the same issues, having technicians destroy something else for their own benefit or being charged higher than the usual amount of a given product or service needed for your facility, is not the way to go about it.

Dealing with dishonest technicians can ruin your project even before it’s completed. With a facility management company like GreenKey FM, the chances of dealing with incompetent technicians are substantially eliminated and your feedback is received on every job done using SmartOps.

3. Your assets breakdown frequently:

Some equipment/assets have crashed because no one was able to perform a test on the durability and efficiency of the building equipment.

Professionally, it’s a core part of facility management to have equipment that is fit for the smooth running of your facility.

A competent facility management company will help you keep track of the fitness of all your equipment to prevent unproductivity in your organization.

4. Residents and visitors complain about improper physical planning within your facility:

When vehicles come to your property, they find it hard to drive in, pack, or effortlessly drive out.

This is bad for business as you can already predict what the results would be.

A facility management company plans your terrains, landscape and perimeters of your property in such a manner that prevents constant congestion.

Everyone likes the luxury of physical convenience. You can use a facility management company to provide proper physical planning and get the best results.

5. You feel the need to leverage technology in managing your facility:

In our contemporary world, technology is the fulcrum of management, and this has been proven with great results over time.

More precisely, a great deal of best management practices largely depends on technology and innovation.

To put this into perspective, a facility management company deploys requisite technology to all its activities in ensuring quality management of your facility for profit maximization.

Are You Ready To Outsource Your  Facilities Management To The Right Company?

GreenKey FM provides tech-driven facility management services that take the headache off managing your property, so you can focus on your core business areas, save time and cost of hiring additional staff, and eliminate contract risk liability. Contact us today.

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