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Two things epitomise great corporate facilities: A workspace where the staff love working and clients enjoy visiting.

We are convinced that every interaction with a facility should be memorable. One great benefit of outsourcing facility management is the consistency in the quality of the experience over time.

We work with blue-chip multinationals or large well established Nigerian corporate entities. By using a Computer-Aided Monitoring Technology, we can keep track on operational processes and costs in real-time, automate, maintain an audit-able path of all the repairs undertaken on your property, and provide comprehensive reporting that lessen costs and guide investment strategy.

The Old Way

Complex, overwhelming and bulky amounts of paperwork.

Send your requests to the office and hope it will be attended to

Irregular updates from the technicians.

Constant breakdown of assets which leads to bad encounter for tenants.

Lack of transparency on spending and budget allocations.

The New Way

A simple platform to oversee the activities of your facility

Anticipate hardware issues even before they happen.

A simple platform to oversee all activities within your facility.

Full transparency on the ongoing facility spending

Peace of mind, ease, comfort, quality technicians.

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