GreenKey‌ ‌FM:‌ ‌What‌ ‌We‌ ‌Do‌ ‌&‌ ‌How‌ ‌You‌ ‌Benefit.‌ ‌

GreenKey FM: What We Do And How You Benefit

Greenkey FM is a top facility management company in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a full-service facility and property management company with years of experience and a track record of excellence.

At Greenkey FM, we provide services to commercial buildings, residential estates, corporate housings, industrial facilities such as warehouses and factories. We also offer post-construction maintenance and contracts.

GreenKey FM provides seamless control for building owners, operators, and tenants.
In case you need more explanation about what GreenKey FM does, keep reading to get all the information you need.

1. Facility management Services:
Greenkey FM offers specialized services in facility management.

We take a proactive approach to minimize breakdowns of your key assets; this saves you 30% loss to reactive maintenance.

Their facility management covers offices, buildings, estates, and factories.

We take the headache of maintaining your property off you while you focus on the main activity of your business.

We also provide essential services which include professional cleaning, pest control, security management, gardening and landscape architecture, repairs, inspection, waste, and energy management.

At GreenKey FM, We utilize a 360degree approach when it comes to facility management.

You do not have to worry about technicians and personnel management.

You do not also have to worry about a broken fuse nor a burnt wire, because GreenKey FM has all under control.

2. Smart Monitoring Services
Technology has made so many things easier, including facility management. As a top facility management company in Lagos, GreenKey FM utilizes technology in a smart way. We employ smart monitoring in the facilities we manage.

This allows for real-time reporting and accurate generation of data.

Smart monitoring enables facility managers to make the best decisions when responding to critical issues.

It also helps to prioritize activities, control risks, track assets and oversee all that is happening, in one place.

With smart monitoring, data is easy to access anytime, and key decisions can be made based on this.

3. Smart Ops
One of the reasons why GreenKey FM is a top facility management company is the use of SmartOps.

In order to avoid dealing with bulky paperwork, spreadsheets, and inaccurate reports, SmartOps is employed.

SmartOps is the latest technology that enables facility managers to gain real-time insights on all facility operations.

It is cloud-based; all in one place and gives you easy access to data and reports.

With GreenKey FM SmartOps, tenants can give feedbacks and this information can be shared with key stakeholders, such as the HR or technicians.

The reporting is transparent and it allows facility managers to have complete knowledge of facility costs and conditions.

This enables facility managers to detect issues before they even occur.

The best part is, GreenKey FM SmartOps operates on a single dashboard; you never have to juggle between tools.

4. Power and Energy Management
One of the things that make facility management hard for non-professionals is power and energy management.

That is not the case with GreenKey FM. We eliminate energy wastage in your facility through an audit.

We monitor the cost and reduce it by optimizing energy generation in your facility as well as monitoring usage for other cost-saving opportunities.

We provide comprehensive energy solutions geared towards cost reduction and efficient power supply.
Interesting right?

Five Facility Management Benefits at GreenKey:

1. Free consultation
One of the benefits of working with GreenKey FM is the free consultation you will get. Unlike other facility management companies, GreenKey FM provides a transparent consultation, helping you decide what is best for your facility.

The consultation you get is in three stages; Inspection, Proposal, and then Implementation.

In the inspection stage, after initial contact, GreenKey FM sends out representatives to inspect your site with professional eyes, analyze the situation and weigh the cost.

In the Proposal stage, GreenKey FM sends you a well-detailed proposal that will give you the full picture of what needs to be done and the expected results. Also included in this proposal are the pricing estimate, payment plan, timeline, and deliverables.

Lastly, once an agreement has been made on the contract, work begins.


2. Transparency
With GreenKey FM, every process is transparent and each step is documented.

We perform audits and share the results with you using the latest technology.

We aggregate your energy load and energy generation and report these to you also.

This saves you from working with fraudulent technicians and unreliable personnel.

When you work with a facility management company that is transparent, you will save cost, time and your mind will be at ease.

Your assets will also run smoothly and efficiently.

3. Maintenance request tracking
So far, GreenKey FM has completed 18,000 maintenance requests, managing 45,000 sqm of facilities and 720 registered assets.

We track your maintenance requests, evaluate technicians and control your costs.

Imagine owning about five facilities and you have to take a road trip every time to check each of them.

On each visit, you need to note the utilities that are deficient and what needs to be repaired.

You also need to assign technicians to them and make sure that we get it done.

You will agree that doing this for five facilities is tiring and cumbersome, time-wasting and energy-consuming.

With GreenKey FM, all you need to do is monitor and track every activity in one place; you do not even have to take road trips every time.

4. Cost reduction
GreenKey FM utilizes the latest facility management technologies to help you save costs in every way possible.

We provide better and efficient alternatives that reduce your spending.

We set up processes that help you minimize wastage and identify key areas that require more funding.

GreenKey FM works with you towards achieving a cost-effective and efficient facility.

5. Smooth running of facilities
With all the benefits outlined above, one can only deduce that working with GreenKey FM ensures smooth running of your facilities.

No matter how many they are, whether residential or corporate buildings, estates, warehouses, factories; GreenKey FM takes your facility management game to a better level.

Are you ready to take off the stress that comes with facility management?

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