5 Things To Get Out of an Energy Audit Sales Appointment

5 Things To Get Out of an Energy Audit Sales Appointment

You must have had times when you were unsure of the electricity consumption at your home, company, or establishment.

With the passing of every month comes another big reason for doubts.

Well, your property might just be due for an energy audit that would clear the air and offer you optimum value for the energy you buy monthly.

We would look at what an energy audit does and what you can get from an energy audit sales appointment.

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a process of ascertaining the different things that consume energy in a facility and reducing them systematically to save costs and bring about a safer environment.

An energy audit involves employing the services of an expert called an energy auditor, who would help reduce your facility’s overall energy consumption resulting from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and other systems.

How is Energy Audit Sales Appointment Done?

An energy audit sales appointment allows you, a facility owner or manager, to get fully detailed information of your facility’s energy usage.

And this starts with an appointment with an energy-auditing firm/company like Greenkey Facility Management.

The following steps will provide you insights on what you will benefit from an energy audit sales appointment.

Pre-Audit Sales Meeting

The first step is to understand that your facility’s energy consumption needs to be audited by professionals.

The company would set up a meeting with you, at which platform you would explain every notable energy-related concern you have experienced between the last 6 to 12 months.

The energy auditor notes them down alongside how efficient you would like your facility to be, going forward.

Such information will be properly entered into the system and, if you and the company reached an agreement for a proper audit sales appointment, a date for inspection would be set down.

Before Appointment

Before the day of the appointment, the energy-auditing company would request your energy bills as well as fuel bills for a period between 12 to 24 months.

This would help the auditor carry out a pre-audit assessment on your facility to understand some notable grey areas before the audit.

Inspection of your facility is conducted at the time earlier agreed by the parties.

The auditor is taken around the facility in question so that he would back up his report for the actual energy audit sales appointment.

At the inspection, all grey areas marked by the auditor would be rechecked in addition to other possible energy-leaking places in the facility.

Afterward, a date will be set down for the energy sales audit to be done.

Day of Appointment

As the energy-auditing firm and its staff are getting prepared with their audit apparatus, you have a role to assist them to do the auditing effectively.

Hence, on the day of the appointment, you have to provide access to every part of your property that consumes energy: both interior and exterior.

Availability of power is essential, so you also have to provide an alternative power supply to the auditor before the auditing fully commences, which might be subject to your agreement.

Ensure you note down all possible areas you suspect energy could be leaking from.

During Appointment

During the appointment, the auditor will use his expertise to ransack every part of your property to detect energy leaks, especially air.

In effect, he works on both the interior and exterior parts of your facility, and your energy consumption bills (which you provided earlier) will help him do this greatly.

In the process, he employs the blower door test technique to detect air leaks.

Air leaks are a big contributor to high energy consumption, so the auditor thoroughly checks all the tiny openings, doors, windows, and even rarely used spaces in the facility.

All electrical systems, lighting systems, attic, and wall insulation systems, as well as smoke detectors/diffusers, would be critically checked.

Then the auditor will seal all the air-leaking places and work on the faulty energy pathways on the facility.

After Appointment
Once the auditor is done performing the on-site auditing on your property, he would write a report of his audit.

The report would contain an accurate, detailed description of the work he did on your facility and solutions for making your property more energy-efficient.

The report would reveal the reasons for high tariffs, energy sources/ports, and high energy-consuming parts of your facility, as well as give you detailed quotations.

5 Things To Get Out of an Energy Audit Sales Appointment


The highlight of the audit report is that it provides recommendations on options to adopt to save energy in the most efficient manner.

It would also provide you with practical ways to implement the recommendations by giving you a list of preferred appliances, systems, gadgets, etc.

that would help reduce energy consumption in your facility.


Depending on the agreement you entered with the company, there are usually provisions for follow-ups to be made on the facility so that its energy efficiency can always be tracked from time to time.

Such follow-ups could last for a period agreed by the parties.


The whole concept of energy audit sales appointment is to help ensure that you continue to maximize value in your establishment.

At Greenkey FM, we understand that energy bills can be quite on the high side, which is why you need an audit of your energy usage.

We hope to help you achieve your goal of harnessing value from your facility, and an energy audit might just be a veritable way to start.

Key Take-aways (FAQs)

Can energy audit appointments lead to energy efficiency?

Yes, it results in inefficiency. When you employ the services of a professional energy-auditing company like Greenkey FM, you will have your facility audited to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency.

Why do I need an energy audit?

An energy audit not only helps you reduce energy costs, but also offers you a list of possible options that will help you achieve your energy goals.

Greenkey FM provides you support for some time after the audit.

Where can an energy audit be done?

Greenkey FM performs energy audits on residential buildings, high-rise commercial buildings such as malls, hotels; as well as industrial structures and factories.

Is energy audit healthful?

Greenhouse effects and global warming have been on the rise because of greenhouse gases finding their way into the atmosphere.

An energy audit will help rid your facility and environs of greenhouse effects occasioned by leakages and improve your environment, thereby improving your health.

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