6 Blogs About Facility Management You Should Read

6 Blogs About Facility Management You Should Read

Are you new to facility management? Perhaps you need to be updated about the recent advancements in facility management. The world is ever-evolving and facility management as a field is evolving faster.
At GreenKey FM, we are passionate about facility management, hence we are always writing to keep you informed about the latest trends in facility management and how you can benefit from it. These blogs were carefully researched and written in order to help you make the best decisions when it comes to facility management.
Managing any facility is a daunting task; one that needs the best hands that will work towards achieving your goals.
Here is a compiled list of blogs about facility management that you should read to keep you updated and help you make informed decisions in your facility management activities.

1. 5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Facility Management
This blog topic addresses the key signs that indicate the need to outsource facility management. Most facility owners try to juggle business and facility management. This leaves them with an inefficient facility, a collapsing business, and high expenses. As a facility owner, you may be wondering if it is really necessary to outsource this service, perhaps you have been doing a good job at managing your facilities yourself for a while. Think deeply about this. Have you been able to focus on the core of your business? Are the time and energy worth it? Would you not rather have a professional take this task off your hands? If you are looking for something to help you make that outsourcing decision, here is a perfect article to read.
2. Building Energy Audit: 4 Ways to Reduce Electricity Bills in Nigeria
Who does not want to reduce their electricity bill? No one.
This is one of those topics that facility managers rarely talk about. This is not because they shy away from the topic but because they do not really know-how. Managing the cost of energy and power consumption is one of the most daunting tasks in facility management. The bills keep rising and most facility owners consider illegal means of reducing the cost of power consumption. Doing this illegally have dire consequences both on the facility and on the business as a whole. There is a proper way to go about energy cost reduction and reducing your electricity bills. If you are using the prepaid meter method, you need an energy audit. Most importantly, if you are using the aggregate electricity calculation method for your facilities, you are in for exorbitant electricity rates, you need to read this article to gain more insight. Perhaps you are just planning to have electricity installed in your new facility, and you have been looking for a way to reduce power cost and achieve more energy stability. This article has all the information you need.
3. Six Common Problems Caused by Poor Facility Management (And How to Fix It)
If you are using in-house/non-professional facility managers, chances are problems will arise. It is important to know how to handle facility management problems whenever they occur. You should bookmark this article, it can be your little cheat book when you need to fix something. This blog has outlined the 6 common ones and how you can get them fixed.
4. 10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Smart Monitoring for Facilities
As in other spheres of life, it is important to infuse smartness in facility management. This is where smart monitoring comes into play. If you have been wondering about what smart monitoring is all about, why it is the new rave, here is a blog article written to educate you on how smart monitoring can assist your facility management activities.

5. What Is SmartOps& Why Does It Matter for Facility Managers?
Have you ever wondered how other facilities seem to keep their activities in check? Why their technicians always perform as expected? Why the residents have never complained about anything the way yours do? SmartOps may be the reason. In this article, we address what smartOps is, and why it should matter to every facility manager.
6. 5 Signs You Need SmartOps For Your Facility Management
Closely behind the last blog article, here is another one on smartOps, and why you need to consider it for your facility management. There may be signs that you need smartOps for your facility. This article was written to help you identify those points where SmartOps is necessary, and to help you run an effective facility as well as help you spend less on management. Here we define what SmartOps is, the benefits, and how you can integrate it into your facility management processes. The 5 signs in this blog will enlighten you further and help you come to a decision on using SmartOps for your facility management.
7. 10 Nigerian Companies Leading The Way In Facility Management
The facility management industry is a big one. It might interest you to know that there are other facility management companies asides from GreenKey FM in Nigeria. This blog article was written in order to help you make an informed decision when you are looking to outsource your facility management. GreenKey FM is the top specialist facility management company with an array of services and specialization in facility management. We give priority to facility management alone and do not combine other services that may hinder productivity with our facilities. This is why our clients trust us and why we have been able to deliver with ease. Check out this blog article to find out why you should choose GreenKey FM services.

Quite a lot, right?
After going through these blog articles, you will agree that these are the best and most useful information about facility management you can find out there.
With this list of blog articles, you are sure to be well informed about facility management.
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